Furniture made of cane, rattan, and wicker is enjoying a time in the spotlight right now! We’ve all noticed a renaissance of vintage furniture, and the return of earthy textures comes as no surprise. Natural materials, after all, make your home look warm, inviting, and timeless. 

Patio furniture is pretty popular these days. And why not? They look pretty and add the element of comfort. The cane patio furniture is something cane furniture manufacturers are producing more and more with each passing year. People love them! It just feels right to have patio furniture made of cane.

Furniture made of cane lasts for generations. It was fashionable in the past, is fashionable now, and will most certainly remain fashionable in the future. Vetra is therefore the most trusted cane furniture manufacturer as we never compromise with the quality of material used in making stylish and trendy cane furniture which can be used both indoors as well as outdoors. Below mentioned are a few facts regarding maintaining cane furniture for a long shell life.


Clean Gently – Dust cane furniture with a soft cotton cloth on a regular basis. When cleaning wicker or cane furniture, never use thinner.

Rotation –In direct sunlight, natural fibers such as cane furniture can fade. This is a natural occurrence. It is recommended that furniture be rotated to ensure even fading.

Humidity –Furniture should be kept away from places of intense heat, as this might cause it to dry out. Natural fibers, such as cane, require a particular quantity of humidity to avoid drying out or spitting.

Daily Care –Day-to-day cleaning can be done with a moist cloth and mild furniture cleaner, but be careful not to fully soak the furniture.

Dampness –If the furniture gets wet, simply dry it outside in the sun. In most cases, the natural paint material will revert to its original shape. When the furniture is damp, be careful not to bend it.

Accessorise –Cane chairs are quite robust, however they might sag over time due to their lightness and flexibility. Cushions can be added to cane furniture to increase its longevity and comfort.