What are furniture accessories?

Accessories help you make the most of your space by allowing you to coordinate your interior elements. While you’re stocking up, make sure that the items you buy have visual appeal as well as functionality. Enhance your surroundings with a timeless collection of outdoor accessories. Planters, swings, sideboards, service carts, and other accessories are among VETRA’s offerings. These decorations are created to add a beautifying touch to your outdoor décor, and they are designed in the most contemporary forms. Bar chairs and bar tables are among our other accessories. Enjoy your backyard barbeques, Sunday breakfasts, and winter evenings with a lot more flair. We also make storage bins so you can easily keep your outdoor materials. If you have a large space, some of our storage benches can be wheeled about.

Any budget can readily accommodate furniture accessories. Great planners understand how to save costs in certain areas while spending more in others, depending on the overall budget and the needs of the customer. Find out further why Vetra furniture is considered as the best furniture accessories manufacturer in India.

Accessories Offered By VETRA :

  • Cushions – Cushions by Vetra are available in a variety of styles to complement your furniture. Dickson, a business based in the United States that specialises in outdoor fabrics, is where we get our fabrics. Our outdoor cushions allow you to personalise the design and feel of your outdoor furniture. You can create a completely different ambiance with the help of their colours and patterns. Most have removable and washable covers, making them simple to keep clean. 

  • Swings – Vetra has a large selection of swings to add to your garden or balcony furniture, ranging from hanging chairs to swing chairs with stands. Home decorators are praising the latest hanging swing chair and hanging chair with a stand for their endurance and gorgeous style. Even the popular hammock chair is making a comeback as an outdoor swing chair.

  •  Puffs Puffs with stylish designs made with solid quality materials will never let you feel out of space for the extra people for your special occasions. Find a wide variety of puffs by Vetra, which compliments your sitting areas.

  • Planters – Planters are an excellent alternative for landscaping your home or business. They give any drab place a modern, beautiful, and trendy look. They’re strong, light, and practical, and they’ll go with any planting scheme. You can use them to create a gorgeous effect in your garden, roof terrace, or balcony.

  • Service CartThe unusual design, curves, and finishes of the service carts will entice you. It has good holders to ensure that your put goods don’t get mixed up.

  • Rugs – With our selection of outdoor rugs, you can make your outdoor spaces as warm as your interiors. Our outdoor rugs will instantly improve the look and feel of your outdoor environment. Depending on your decor concept and style preferences, these carpets can be neutral or vibrant. There are a variety of outdoor rug alternatives, and most of them are mildew and mould resistant, with some even being treated to withstand deterioration from UV radiation.

  • LampsAdd the special highlighting effects to your outdoors or indoors with the light holders and stands to illuminate the space and grace it up.
  • Umbrellas / Parasols – Our accessories are the epitome of design and quality, adjustable to the direction of the sun, easy to access, and portable. Our high-tensile umbrellas are made of superior steel and aluminium and can survive harsh weather and heavy winds. The umbrellas / parasols are designed in amazing patterns to add a wonderful element to your outdoor décor while providing sun and rain protection.